Lydia Smith

Saint Petersburg, FL
United States
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Lydia Smith, a Licensed Holistic Therapist through ONACS, RYT, Lic. Massage Therapist (#75549), and Thai Yoga Instructor has over 3000 hours of training, education and teaching experience in Natural Therapeutics and Integrated Traditional Thai and Massage Therapies. She has done an apprenticeship with a recognized Master in the Buddhai Sawan thai yoga 900 yr. lineage.

Lydia LOVES sharing her passion of movement and healing with clients and students alike!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Lydia is a GIFTED Yoga Instructor

Trying to describe the life transforming experience of having Lydia as a yoga instructor is like trying to put into words a blessing that is impossible to explain :)
When I think of Lydia I remember one of her many wonderful instructions: “Smile from the Heart” and this is how I will always think of Lydia, as an instructor
who reminded me to :) Smile from the heart.
Nic Blouins' review described Lydia so precisely….. she is so GIFTED and passionate about helping others…a gift from God!
I hope we can continue to have the gift of Lydia’s instruction for a season.

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Calm, compassionate, open, playful, knowledgeable, thoughtful, insightful...and passionate about helping people. Just one word? GIFTED! I've enjoyed many yoga sessions with many different teachers all over the country, but I've only encountered a few with such a unique approach that they stand far apart from the rest...such that it's even hard described the why & how of that, as if there's something magical there.


Lydia is one of those yoga teachers, drawing from experience that is very deep. The things I can put my fingers on are: 1) making the breath a priority, 2) bringing several disciplines to the mat, 3) continuing to learn, study & grow...and bring that experience to her students. I get so much out of her class...of course movement and flow and stretching and poses, but more importantly, meaningful/useful advice, possibility for growth & reflection, and even transformation, every time.

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Excellent teacher!

Lydia is an excellent teacher and a beautiful soul. Her excitement for Thai Yoga and her experience shows in her teaching. While being very spiritual she also has a deep understanding of the body on many levels. She makes it a point to teach and correct for good body posture for the practitioner so that you are not sacrificing your own body. She also gives pointers on how to best make the reciever feel more at ease and get the most out of the session.


She greatly utilizes a flow method of training. At times she will correct you often during training, other times during flows she lets you figure things out as you go along so it better sets in your mind. I enjoyed being taught by Lydia and would recommend her workshops to anyone interested in learning Thai Yoga.

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Life Changing

Completing my 16 hour Somaveda Thai Yoga Training with Lydia was a life-changing experience. I was given another dimension to my practice which has empowered me as a Yoga Teacher and SomaVeda Thai Yoga practitioner, as well as my clients who I get to share these life-changing tools with. Lydia is a very knowledgeable, experienced teacher who breaks down an ancient practice that one can apply and deliver in our modern times.


She is an intuitive healer who guides you on your well-BEING journey. For anyone who may be considering a new or an addition to their existing practice, where they are able to help facilitate and guide those on the path of healing their lives, this training is for you. You easily come to find that you may be in practice for yourself but not by yourself as you are immediately adopted into a family with a circle of support to help ensure your success.

In Gratitude
Shelley Parris Williams

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The Amazing Kruuh Lydia

I have studied under Lydia on multiple occasions, I find her teaching style and instructions very positive and influential. I absolutely cherished my time studying under her, and I look forward to more possibilities for further education with her in the future. Kruuh Lydia Smith's knowledge of the Soma Veda Thai Yoga and integrated systems is impeccable, as is her ability to impart this knowledge onto you.
Thank You Lydia.
John M. Maiers LMT