Lynn Anderson

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There is no definitive definition of yoga therapy. However as an ancient science yoga aims to balance out the health of an individual on all levels, body, mind and soul. As a Naturopathic Doctor my philosophy is that true healing can only take place when the body, the mind and the soul are balanced. It is the balanced integration of the whole self that brings about perfect health. The natural approach means good nutrition, exercise (such as yoga) and removing stress as the foundation of good health.
I combine my practice of Naturopathy (natural medicine) to the therapeutic aspect of yoga to create an environment where the individual receives scientifically grounded methods of healing combined with yoga therapy to create balance and wholeness which is the essence of perfect health.
There are many approached to yoga therapy. There is the body that needs adjustment because of an injury or sickness. There is the mind that needs refocusing to alleviate depression, anxiety and stress and there is a spiritual connection that anchors the individual.
I am A Naturopathic Doctor, with a in Natural Health, a faculty member to the American Council on Exercise, a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Registered Yoga therapist, with over twenty-five years experience working with clients ranging from back and physical issues, to diet, stress and depression.
As a cancer survivor I have worked with cancer patients, as well as, family members. Eating disorders, fibromyalgia, insomnia and relationship issues are just a few of the areas of my practice


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