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Lynn believes yoga found her in 2008 when her friend recommended that she should attend a yoga class. After lots of thought and contemplation, she decided one Saturday morning to challenge herself to attend a yoga class for the very first time. She was amazed by the way she found herself feeling after that very first class, and went back for more every week. After a few months, she noticed changes happening with herself. Her temperament changed. There was less or no reaction to things or situations that would usually upset her. She had far more energy, could sleep better, and noticed how her body started changing. She felt stronger in her body, more focused, and had a lot more confidence in herself. From then on, she knew yoga would always be a very big part of her life.

Lynn became a certified Yoga Instructor in 2010, and since then her journey as a practitioner and teacher has progressed to where everything is intention focused.

Lynn designs classes to challenge her students. She loves teaching, and enjoys watching students grow in their practice as they develop strength, confidence and purpose. This is essentially what drove her to become a teacher.

Lynn has become really passionate about teaching private instruction classes. She revels in the personal approach and interaction with the student as well as witnessing them achieve their goals whatever they may be.

She also enjoys teaching relaxing Yin yoga classes from time to time. She believes you need to get out of your head and into your body and goes by her mantra, "Twist your mind, your body can do it!"


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