Lynn Babiera

Uruma City Okinawa

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I love yoga and what yoga does for my mind and body. I fell in love with the practice under a decade ago. When I went to my first yoga class, I was so impressed by the way I felt afterwards and decided to keep on going back. I guess I got addicted! I have practiced various styles from Hatha, Bikram, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Power and Ashtanga. I started teaching yoga 7 years ago. My style of practice and teaching is mostly inspired by the Ashtanga method. I enjoy teaching classes that builds strength and endurance, inspiring the practitioner to practice with purpose. I recently started practicing Yin practice has helped me appreciate embracing yoga in a different way since the practice is so different. I now also teach Yin yoga classes and recently started teaching Yin and Vinyasa classes combined (Yin and Yang). Students and practitioners enjoy coming to these classes since they are able to practice both styles in a way thats comforts them.


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