Lynn Coker

Rancho Mirage, CA
United States

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Lynn is a 20-year Yoga practitioner and a 5-year veteran Yoga instructor with experience supporting students in corporate wellness programs, cancer survivors, country club athletic facilities, studios and
community centers. Lynn’s athletic gifts as a former competitive wrestler, weight lifter, martial arts expert and marathon runner take on a new life as a Yoga practitioner and instructor crystalizing in his
enthusiastic and positive support for his students. His instructional theme, “There is No guarantee of gain with pain … but with competent compassionate Yoga coaching the opportunity for improved physical conditioning, emotional balance and intellectual acuity can be achieved.” Nowhere is this theme more profoundly illustrated than in Lynn’s work with cancer survivors whom he considers the most beautiful and courageous Yoga practitioners on the planet.

The fruit of Lynn’s Yoga training and practice along with his life experiences is illustrated in his multidisciplinary instructional approach which, within any given class, might include an appropriately
energetic Hatha practice, Yin Yoga or Restorative opportunities. Of course, the essential coupling of meditation and contemplation throughout the class’ physical practice injects the possibility of both peace and rest in each moment.


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