Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, E-RYT

Marietta, GA
United States
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I am a licensed professional counselor and experienced registered yoga teacher. I use a mind- body approach in helping people find peace and expanded awareness. I lead meditation and gentle asana classes, workshops as well as private sessions. I consider myself a "tour guide" gently pointing people toward practice and experience that leads them to their own inner teacher, inner guidance. I believe in instilling a meditative approach to asana and seated meditation is a cornerstone of the classes, workshops and retreats I lead.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Life Changing...

I have been sitting with Lynn for almost 3 years now - the work I have done with her has been nothing short of transformative and has impacted all aspects of my life in the most positive ways. Her ability to articulate and explain things in a way that immediately resonates is one of her greatest gifts. Sitting with her and the group is a privilege...I highly recommend.

Thank you Holly....

Thank you for sharing this opportunity to sit with you these 3 years... Here's to lots more sitting! Namaste...

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Great yoga teacher!

I've taken Lynn's 'gentle yoga' for almost a year now and love it. She tailors each class to what each person needs and offers individual attention. She's very knowledgeable and encourages you but makes sure you do what's best for your own body. I highly recommend Lynn!

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Thank YOU Lynn!

I have been practicing meditation and the healing arts with Lynn for the last five years, and she has helped me to transcend the spirit, mind, and body connection. Lynn possesses such an intuitive gift to empower people to be transparent and allow our entire self to come alive in meditation, mindfulness groups, t'ai chi classes, or any setting. Lynn has truly helped me to vibrate a more radiant me. I am more conscious and aware of how I am connected to everything: breath, body, food, etc. Thanks Lynn!

Thank YOU!

Michael, it's an honor and a privilege to have seen you grow in your journey and I wish you many years of peace and joy to come in your practice.... Namaste my friend....

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Truly Exceptional!

I have worked with Lynn on several different aspects of her practice and have found that she is exceptional to work with in all of them. Lynn has been practicing yoga and meditation for years now, and her sense of serenity and gentleness envelopes the entire room. She is as patient with beginners as she is engaged with those who are more advanced, but most importantly, she not only teaches you ‘how’ to do something but also reveals ‘why’ you’re doing it. It is this endeavor to create a mutual understanding and appreciation for things that sets her apart from all the rest. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Thank you Julie!

I am humbled by your words. It's been such an honor to work with you and I appreciate you always showing up so eager to grow and learn... Namaste...

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When I started working with Lynn on the recommendation of a trusted (and very rational) friend, I didn't realize that my life was about to transform in ways I could not imagine. I've attended Lynn's meditation sessions, retreats, yoga classes, as well as participated in her primary research around health and wellness; she has been nothing short of a gift.


Her approach is gentle yet candidly honest, and she guides firmly yet so very compassionately - I know that worked for me as it helped me address various personal blind spots and improve my overall awareness and practice enormously. She is immensely intuitive and caring about her students and I have been able to connect with her and receive her guidance even while being in another country. I feel like I've grown very much in my time (2.5 years) with her, thank you Lynn.

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I have been practicing yoga with Lynn for two and half years. Lynn has made a huge difference in the way I choose to relax and unwind. Not only do I benefit from being in class, I am able to use breathing and stress relief tactics throughout my day that I have learned. This is one class that I look forward to attending and leave grateful for the opportunity to have come. Lynn's gentle approach to stretching has made a huge difference in my overall health and well being.

Thank you!

Of all the students I've worked with you are the one who has been most steadily dedicated to your ongoing practice and it's been a thrill and honor to see you transform..... Keep going! : ) Namaste....

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A truly great teacher

Lynn has been my guide, my helper, my healer, my teacher, my angel during a time in my life when I first felt crumpled and crushed. I was going through the darkest hours feeling my body had betrayed me, overweight, sick and feeling very much alone. I attended a yoga retreat with her, had private sessions and classes with her the past two years and she has helped me to save myself. She is gentle but direct.


She believes in the whole path of yoga not just postures and she inspires me and others to be gentle with ourselves but also committed to ourselves. Lynn walks the path, shares her own human struggles and how yoga and meditation have helped her. I don't know if I'd still be here if it wasn't Lynn. She is a truly great teacher and helper. I will forever be grateful for yoga and for Miss Lynn...

Thank you!

What a humble honor to have been of assistance.... Many years of expanded health and balance for you to come... Namaste...