Lynn Marie Nelson

Des Moines, IA
United States

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I, Lynn Marie, aspire to uncomplicate wellness and empower you with knowledge and confidence to find a place of balance in your life. I am truly honored that in times of joy, stress and celebration students choose to practice with me. I enjoy being welcomed into holiday, wedding and family gatherings and maybe even more so into people's every day.

I believe yoga's benefits can be experienced by all. Our practice will be responsive to the signals of your body, empowering you to practice that you can do on your own.

Looking for relaxation, I, Lynn Marie began practicing yoga in 2004. She was challenged with a rocky, sometimes mountainous, journey of health. Living with pain and discomfort was not an option. With determination I embarked on a new path; one filled with hope, strength, and gratitude. My passion for wellness and helping others naturally flowed into my yoga practice. Teaching my first One to One yoga session in June of 2006, Lynn Marie has continued learning and teaching ever since.


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