Lyonne Sundari

Victoria Gozo
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Lyonne Sundari is a fully realised Teacher, Founder of Goddess Essence, teaches Yoga, Taoist practices, Tantric Arts and a therapist in energetics. She speaks of the essence of the Divine Feminine and teaches about

Lyonne assists others on their path with spiritual guidance, through one-on-one sessions, weekly classes, workshops, courses and retreats world wide.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

30 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Amazing teacher and such a beautiful being. Learned so much in a year only since we are together, and i am very grateful for everything Lyonne is sharing.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
I could not wish for a better teacher than Lyonne

I have worked with Lyonne during my spiritual path as a Yoga teacher, as an energy healer, as a spiritual guide and as a friend. She has helped me tremendously on my journey with deep insights and embodiment of light and love. I recommend to anyone to try a session with Lyonne and decide for themselves!

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great for anyone

The best yoga classes I have ever experienced, my favorite part is the relaxation at the end ?

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Thanks to Lyonne's classes I started to look deeper into myself and understand better myself, I really enjoy the sessions and she really makes me feel comfortable and at ease as I am a bit of shy person and new to yoga, I truly highly recommend Lyonne .

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Special yoga for women

I enjoy Lyonne’s sessions because she gives a holistic approach reaching deep into the essence of yoga related to women’s overall wellness. I have found her sessions very helpful in a spiritual and physical way.

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Lyonne's classes are deep and fulfilling. If you are in need of some body mind spirit attunement this is the place to go.

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Simply amazing sessions :)

Lyonne is very talented and full of life and energy. She helped me change my way of thinking and achieve a more positive and healthy outlook on life. She is by far the best teacher. Also very experienced. I'm always excited for her lessons and meeting :) xx

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A way of life

An amazing experience! I owe my well being and inner peace to Lyonne! She helped and continues to help me on my journey of self discovery. Her love, dedication and gentle nature has touched my heart thoroughly. Peace and love to all xxx

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Amazing Journey

Lyonne is an amazing, talented and very spiritual person. Thanks to Lyonne, her yoga teachings and one on one Sessions has helped me find my old self, inner peace and tranquillity in my life. I recommend everyone to join these Yoga Courses. Much love and gratitude <3

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Thanks to lyonne I started to understand my body. Teach me how to be positive and see the world from the beautiful side.Her voice is so calming and explain very well . Highly recommend Yoga with lyonne.

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Yoga review

Her voice is very soothing and calming. The singing bowls are used in the session and this coupled with Leone's mediation are amazing

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Lyonne gives the best healing for the body, mind and spirit

Happiness, inner peace, deeper spirituality and mental focus are what I feel after every session I attend with Lyonne. Lyonne makes sure every student is engaged in every pose and encourages us to reach our full potential. After each session, she takes time to hear each and every one and feeds us spiritually with her intensive experience.

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Amazing yoga teacher

Lyonne is an amazing teacher. She is very professional and knows what she is doing.

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HIGHLY Recommended :)

I highly recommend Lyonne! She is absolutely phenomenal. I wanted to join a yoga class for years but I was always so hesitant. I finally build up the courage and that is when I crossed paths with Lyonne. I was so comfortable with her. I always look forward to my upcoming class with Lyonne. She is very helpful and very experienced.

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Happy yoga experience

Highly recommended

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Euphoric :)

The yoga class is combined with yoga poses and relaxation..leaving you with a sense of euphoria. Your mind and body detaches from the busy and stressful life.

Thank you for sharing your positive and healing energy Lyonne xx

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A Gifted Teacher

Lyonne is an amazing yoga instructor! Her practice includes a meditation element at both the beginning and at the end of the class and on a personal note her healing touch has helped me through stressful times.


I appreciate the tempo of her classes. She has a great feel of her class and understands our needs. She offers beginner modifications as well as includes more challenging poses throughout – so honestly you never have to feel intimidated! I love when a teacher participates but also assists you to reach the best possible pose and Lyonne is very helpful in this way. We are always reminded of the foundations of yoga - proper use of breath, our chakras and the attention to the energy we get from it. So much knowledge is shared.

The one hour you have with Lyonne is truly inspiring and it gives you the chance to focus on you – regroup and enhance your strength both physically and mentally. I always leave feeling energized and fully balanced. Lyonne is truly a gifted teacher and practicing with her is an important part of my week.

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The true essence of what is Yoga

I always had an idea of what yoga entails, thus I went in her class knowing what i would be expecting. Little did I know that I would learn what yoga is all about and the balance it would bring aligning the body and mind. It is very physical contrary to certain perceptions, the older you grow, the more you need it. I m enjoying this new experience

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mentally relaxing

This is my first time experiency joga . I am enjoying it very much and Lyonne is great and thats what makes the class interesting and enjoyable.

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Big, big hug to Lyonne !

LYONNE has kindled the fire of Yoga in me!!! Since her class last year on Ko Pha Ngan in Samma Karuna I practice Yoga daily....
Lyonne lives Yoga with her body, her mind & her spirit.
Thank you for this important message!
LOVE <3 , Manuela

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A sacred space for healing

I have met Lyonne at her Sacred Female Spirituality Workshop in Malta and it was literally my best experience while being there on holiday. I am deeply grateful for her opening her space and creating the chance for us women to bond and be able to open our hearts and let go of pain.
The workshop has taught me some new things and it was the first time when i felt so relaxed and open in a sacred space. Meeting Lyonne has actually given me some new paths to consider and reminded me how the little meetings with kindred spirits are the most beautiful blessings you can get in our busy lives.

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Art of the Sacred Feminine Workshop

I have attended Lyonne´s sacred femininity workshop, which has been a very pleasant and insightful exploration and celebration of womenhood. In these women circles we are to help ourselves and others to gain more wisdom and fun on that journey - or rollercoaster ride- called life. Exercises in these workshops might take you out of your comfort zone and the aim is always to learn more about yourself and feeling supported. Lyonne is a great facilitator, very knowledgeable, welcoming and kind with a holistic approach towards healing and development.

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Wonderful and Mind relaxing

One of the best things that i'm doing in life , Since i started i feel much better and my back came back to normal and mentally its so relaxing that i forget all the problems of the day .

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Lyonne makes everyone feel comfortable and believe in oneself, very positive, peaceful and thoughtful at the same time. She cares a lot about both body and spirit with succinct theoretical introduction and meditation, paying great attention to physical activity and asanas as well. Your experience in yoga does not matter - Lyonne makes the beginners' way into yoga easy and exciting and the experienced ones will go deeper in their practice and learn something new. Me and my husband had a great time doing yoga with Lyonne in Thailand guided by her spirit and love of life. Thank you! Namaste

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Best Teacher

Lyonne has a unique gift that makes every practice with her a deeply spiritual yet challenging experience. She is very informative during the practice and you always leave with a treasure of knowledge. Her hands on adjustments is also worth mentioning... the best! In a nutshell, Lyonne is the best teacher I ever had!!