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Beside teaching Yoga, Ma Shakti is an artist, experienced teacher and holistic therapist. She combines her academic background in art, philosophy and education with her training in yoga and energy healing to offer a creative holistic approach to well being.
By integrating arts and yogic psychology she developed a unique creative healing technique that she shares through various projects based in the UK and overseas.

She embraced the path of Yoga in 2009 and explored different styles with various teachers- such as Kundalini Yogas, classical Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Tantra.

After a few years she was inspired to move to India and experience Yogic tradition in its original context. She she spent a few months travelling across the Indian subcontinent before she finally found her guide and settled in Rishikesh, where she devoted herself to an ongoing training in the oral Himalayan tradition under the expert guidance of a direct disciple of many illustrious masters, such as Swami Veda Baharati, Swami Rama, Goenka.
Her studies encompass Yoga Philosophy, classical Raj Yoga, traditional Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Yoga Nidra and basics of Ayurveda.

In 2012 she founded Shakti Healing Gardens and, in collaboration with her teacher's school, she began to facilitate courses, retreats and intensive yoga teacher training courses in India and other locations in Uk and abroad.

In 2014 she met her tantric mentor - international painter and Naga Sadhvis Druvinka Puri, disciple of baba Ram Puri, who is a Sri Mahant of Juna Akhara, the largest and oldest order of Sadhus in India.

In 2015 she started studying at the Bharat Vidya Bhavan, where she is learning Indian classical dance (Odissi) from Guru smt Urbi Basu. Dance is now yet another reason to travel to India regularly and she undertakes intensive training with Sri Padma Ileana Citarristi in Bhubaneswar.

In 2016 she was initiated into the mystical school of Sri Vidya.

Very "safety oriented" when it comes to asana teaching; far more radical and experimental with her creative approach to yoga as a path to merging and transcending polarities.

Her knowledge, experience, sensitivity and dedication gently inspire and guide many to the innermost dimensions of their existence.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

33 Reviews

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