Maetreyii Ma Ananda Gurukula Meditation Center

Santa Rosa, CA
United States

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I have been teaching the ancient wisdom of yoga for over 25 years. My training began in my twenties when I was called to go to India to meet my Guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

I currently am an ERYT 500 teacher, yoga therapist, clinical psychologist and author of several books on spiritual awakening and yoga philosophy. I am a teacher of traditional yogic meditation and the spiritual director and founder of Ananda Gurukula, a non-profit dedicated to spreading traditional yogic teachings to the world.

I offer yoga philosophy courses both in person and online, a certification in Yogic Wisdom Teaching which comes from our Yoga Wisdom Mystery School and ongoing Satsanga, Kirtan and Dharmachakra events at our local ashram.


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