Magdalena Lisowska

Delft, Den Haag,Rotterdam

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My path as a Red Dakini brings together all my Work.

She is a messanger of inner fire, fire of awareness and passionate life. Being her means for me to transform every step of my life into the inner healing to become happier, more connected and more conscious human being to serve others in their healing process.

I’m a shamaness in my dance, opening and healing deep emotional wounds and blockages on sexuality of woman, strengthening their feminine core and self-confidence, bringing passion and health to their bodies. In my performance Im a fiery, sensual Goddess, enchanting, inspiring, opening the door of inner fire, bringing taste of magical world of ancient Priestesses.

On my tantra sessions I’m present with unconditional love and connection to the Universe and Gaia. I’m opening and healing the depth of the male and female heart and sexuality by getting them into an intimate and loving journey through the intensity and beauty to their depth.

On my Red Tent circles I invite Woman to come back to their forgotten ancient knowledge on female power and connection to the Earth and Sisters. We gather and celebrate in many ways knowledge on a cyclic nature of a Woman, her emotionality, intuition and sexuality. We heal separation, shame, jealousy and we enter wild but also soft and very feminine part of us, fully loving herself in its own unique expression.


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