Maggie Heinzel-Neel

New Paltz, NY
United States
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The grounded peaceful feeling
that Maggie receives from practicing yoga asana (poses)
and pranayama (breath work),
as well as the empowerment
from becoming strong and
flexible, is at the core of her teaching that she shares with students of all levels.
Maggie combines a wide range
of experiences; a dynamic
physical workout with precise alignment instructions, focus
on breath within the poses and
in pranayama, spiritual reflection, transpersonal psychology (directed inward work) and time at the beginning and end of each class
for quiet contemplation that
leads to a deeper meditative experience.

Maggie’s prime focus on the
breath, throughout the entire
class, provides a cleansing from
the inside out. Her teachings
are an equal part of challenge
and nurture, a balance of
feminine and masculine. As the breath, heart and body all work
together, she leads her students
to a deep feeling of connection
and wholeness that helps to stay focused and quiet the mind.

Week of August 2TH

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