Maggie Mayall

Woodland Hills, CA
United States

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I have been practicing yoga for over 40 years. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and have worked as a spiritual and meditation counselor. After a long stint running a small record company and music merchandise business from home while raising my children, I became a Certified Yoga instructor, which is my passion. My specialty ranges from working with people with various limitations due to injury or aging, to Vinasa flow yoga. My classes always begin and end with deep meditation. For beginners and experienced yogis seeking a new beginning in their practice. Focus is on creating a stronger connection to the breath, moving energy within, and cultivating a deeper inner awareness of the relationship between the body/mind, while exploring asanas. Quieting the mind, we tune into how the body/mind should be active and where it can let go. Through the practice we discover space within, free the heart to open,and liberate the light of the true Self to shine. Whether you are brand new to yoga, returning to yoga, or just want to improve your asanas, I'm the teacher for you! We will cover many of the basic poses and simple sequences you may encounter in popular yoga classes today. Learn the benefits of using props for maximum extension. Bump up your awareness of alignment and hand and foot placement and refresh your breathing, meditation and balance skills. You will leave my class energized and relaxed!


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