Maggins Kenney

Baltimore, MD
United States

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Maggins began her yoga journey over a decade ago in New York City where she was building her career in the fashion industry. Yoga started as a physical workout but then quickly became such an important way to balance stress and feel more peaceful & grounded overall.

Five years ago, Maggins was advised that her position was being eliminated as part of a corporate downsizing. This point was the opening of a door. Now was the time to do something completely different! There was a teacher training starting in 2 weeks at the studio where she had been practicing. She thought, “I’ll deepen my practice & take some time to look for my next job”. Completing her 200 hour certification in 2009 at Kaia Yoga in Greenwich, CT with Gina Norman & Stan Woodman, was the start of walking a different path. She continued to become certified in Yin Yoga, Little Sprouts Kids Yoga, Exhale CoreFusion (tm) & 500 hour in 2012.

Teaching yoga quickly became not only “the next job” but a love for truly helping people discover joy.

Relocating back to her home town of Baltimore, her teaching combines her passion for yoga, alignment and discipline from a competitive dance background, with an element of playfulness. She teaches that yoga is about taking what you manifest on your mat and applying that to your life off your mat. Intention is a powerful tool that we all have, her philosophy is to start where you are, be kind to yourself, breathe and laugh a lot!

Off the mat, you will find her hiking, kayaking and continuing to deepen her study of the science of yoga.

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller


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