Magi Khoo

San Francisco, CA
United States
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Magi discovered yoga at the USF gym in 2002 as a way of balancing grad school with a hectic corporate life. The more she practiced the more she wanted to learn. The decade long practice culminated to her leaving the corporate world to explore life more fully.

Her continuing study of yoga includes three months of intensive practice in India studying with senior Iyengar teachers - the Chanchani's, Usha Devi and Br. Rudra Dev, and a decade long meditation studies that found her in a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation in Thailand. She continues to attend advanced Iyengar classes and workshops with senior teachers in San Francisco.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
once in a while ...

someone comes along & you know they are on the way to enlightenment.

always a ready smile & good energy that makes you stop & appreciate how good things really can be.

compassionate & nurturing, will push if she has to but ... Magi is very intuitive and very kind.

I'm very lucky that she is one of the teachers I can work with in SF @ the JCC.

Magi KhooAugust 19, 2013
with deepest gratitude

Dearest CSS,

With highest reverence for your kind words, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am deeply humbled.

Please come up and say hello after class next time so I can give you a big hug and thank you in person!

Namaste, in its truest meaning,