Mahesh Sharma

Sydney NSW
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Yoga found Mahesh in his mid-20s, as the impetuousness of youth was wearing off, and he began to feel the effects of ageing on the mind and body. While he immediately appreciated the benefits and embraced the disciplines of regular asana and meditation practice, it wasn’t until he turned thirty that he was prepared to answer his true calling as a yoga instructor. Having studied in India under masters who spoke his mother’s Tamil tongue, Mahesh tirelessly experiments and works upon himself in order to package the experience and knowledge of these ancient, eastern practices in a way that can be easily consumed by a modern, Western citizen seeking to end their stress and find a lasting happiness.

"My only intention in teaching yoga is to inspire and empower students with the same conviction that drives me every day to practice in order to become the best version of myself: In this belief I found that hard work is its own reward; The subject of the journey becomes the object of the destination; It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy guiding me along the path to a lasting happiness."


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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