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Guru Mai Ram is a guardian and successor of the Aghora Kapali NathYoga spiritual tradition. This tradition is described in the Vedas and attributed to the metaphysical and theological Advaita philosophy which maintains that all reality is in unity and is governed by one principle.

The Naths are the initiators and masters of yoga or perfect beings. Aghora in Sanskrit means a non-dualistic state of consciousness, while Kapali refers to a skull symbolising the universe. Revealing the divine state, Aghoris holds a skull in one hand. The Aghora Kapali sadhana (spiritual practice) is said to have come directly from Brahman or Shiva and has no links with religions and other organisations of Sadhus (hermits or ascetics). Aghoris are beings who have transcended duality and perceived the highest unity. Aghora Kapali is a Guru Parampara tradition meaning that the teaching
is passed from a teacher to a disciple by word of mouth.

The austere form of the sadhana, the continuous link with spiritual knowledge, asceticism, inaccessibility and isolation have prevented the loss of the tradition that is considered an untold treasure as it guards the unbelievable spiritual powers or Siddhis (perfect abilities).
Guru Mai Ram has been initiated into the Aghora Kapali Guru Parampara tradition. She has received Guru Parampara spiritual power and knowledge. Persons initiated into this sadhana receive a spiritual name ending in the mantra ‘Ram’ (राम, Sanskrit for God).
Mai Ram (Sanskrit माई राम) is a spiritual name meaning the Mother of God and is included on the Guru Parampara line list stored at ashrams in India.

Since 2009, Guru Mai Ram has conducted the sadhana at the Hari Ram Ashram in Varanasi, India, and since 2012 at the Mai Ram Yoga Ashram founded in Lithuania. The Mai Ram Yoga Ashram is a consecrated place of Guru tradition, home, where the authentic teaching of Guru Parampara tradition is passed on. As tradition dictates, at the Ashram Guru Mai Ram spreads the spiritual knowledge to help people successfully adapt it to life, foster spiritual values ​​and move toward liberation.

The Guruji is the founder of the Mai Ram International Yoga Association.
The association has been established to develop and promote the Mai Ram Yoga methodology, organise training, workshops and conferences and collaborate with allied organisations in Lithuania and abroad. Mai Ram Yoga represents a system of yoga practices integrated by the Guruji for the present-day human.

Mai Ram Yoga comprises a whole of spiritual yoga practices fostered by the tradition that helps the practitioner to raise the consciousness above duality. By observing personal discipline and consistent practice of the levels of Mai Ram Yoga, the human can more easily adapt to changes occurring in life, promote personal growth and maturity, retain health, develop the acceptance of the world and form a correct approach towards the self and the environment.

The Honesty of Mai Ram Devi:

... I worship and glorify the Feet of the one owing to whom I can perceive my owing to whom I have understood that I am Myself, I am All and All is I.
... Glory be to You, Guru, who is always immersed in the inherent nectar of bliss and whose word destroys the poison of Samsara! Glory be to You, God, who is present in the form of the Guru and is always pure and genuine, and existing in the only form of Reality, in the might of pure consciousness and spiritual light, the destroyer of all unawareness, darkness and ignorance.
I glorify You, Guru, the eternal pure one, anchored in knowledge, the enlightened and unattached one who has awakened acumen in me. Let my prostrations be a glorification of the treasured one that is supreme among all – the beloved Guru Anil Dev Ram who has helped me
and has given me a chance to experience the direct pleasure of Divine

With light,
Mai Ram Devi


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