Maike Pulver


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"My personal yoga journey began with me casually taking a few yoga classes a month back in 2011. I would do this wherever I was, trying out many different styles, studios, and teachers. After some months of practice I became more receptive - more open to yoga as a lifestyle and its philosophy. My practice continued to deepen until I decided to sign up for a teacher training in early 2014. My initial aim was not much more than to keep learning and to develop my personal practice. The minute I walked out of the doors of my teacher training, I felt free, incredibly inspired, and whole of heart. I knew I wanted to share all I had gained alongside continuing my own path and studies.

– you can’t keep what you have without giving it away –

And what started as a simple exploration evolved into a life mission, traveling different countries, teaching yoga, practicing reiki, and sharing what I have learned."

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