Maja Miklic


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Maja Miklic is yoga teacher and author of yoga books in English, Dutch, Slovene and German language. Maja was born and raised in Slovenia, but lives and works in the Netherlands. Yoga came into her life when she needed it the most. The old saying ‘‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’’ is correct. Maja started practicing yoga intensively in the year 2000. Since then she has spent years following various courses in Europe, Canada and India where courses in yoga, meditation and breathing techniques were combined with karma and jnana yoga. She is a certified Sri Sri yoga teacher and has years of teaching experience. Maja was trained at the oldest yoga school in Europe, the Saswitha Institute for Yoga and Philosophy. Maja continues her education by following yoga workshops and training courses in the Netherlands and other parts of the world. Her weekly classes in Rotterdam consist of hatha yoga and breathing exercises combined with meditation. You are welcome to join Maja’s yoga workshops in the Netherlands and the yearly yoga holidays, which she organises in Slovenia.


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