Makena Nixon

Bonsall, CA
United States

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Makena is a college graduate from Azusa Pacific University, who is currently residing in San Diego County. Completing her Bachelor's of Science degree in Applied Exercise Science and a minor in Nutrition in three years, is an example of the motivation and excitement Makena has in beginning to share her passions. One of her greatest passion's is helping others reach their desired goals. She successfully implements this passion with her sincere, encouraging, personable and energetic personality, which gives her the natural ability to work well with various individuals. Along with this unique charisma, she utilizes wonderful oral and exceptional written communication skills while building relationships with others. Makena prides herself in her integrity, honesty and work ethic that she applies in all aspects of life. Furthermore, her self-motivated, extremely organized, responsible, focused and dedicated attributes each play significant roles in creating her style of leadership.

Makena possesses a great enthusiasm for yoga, nutrition, and health & wellness, which she loves to share with others in hopes of creating a greater awareness of there significant impact on one's health. So that ultimately more individuals can have improved and overall finer quality of life. Not only has she attained significant knowledge through a higher education under well educated and vastly experienced professors but also extraordinary hands on application experience through internships, volunteer opportunities and interacting with numerous individuals from various walks of life. These experiences have also opened her eyes to the joy she finds in teaching kids all the way to elderly the importance and great fun behind creating a healthy life.