Malaika Boon

South Africa

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The Nomadic Oasis was born from the deeply seeded gratitude I hold for the gift I have been given from the loving mentors I have been blessed and honored to encounter in my young life: the space, love and freedom to explore my self without judgement on my journey.

It was in April of 2018 that I ventured to India, only to fall deeply in love with the power of movement - particularly in the form of yoga. While my journey within was one of a deeply personal nature, it continues to connect me to incredible individuals through the sessions I am honored to lead.

Each session a time for grounding, discovering and reflecting; a nomadic space and place of non-judgement and acceptance.

The Nomadic Oasis is rooted in honoring the self in the present: acknowledging our feelings, our body and our limits; as well as the limitless within us when we allow ourselves to shine; to show up and be seen.

Yoga: a therapy for the body; a blessing to the mind; a gateway to the soul. A daily practice of internal exploration for growth.

Until we meet on our

"Be easy, take your time.
You are coming home
to yourself" - Nayyirah Waheed

With gentleness, always,

200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (Vinyasa & Ashtanga)
Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School
Rishikesh, India, April 2018

Week of December 9TH

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