Malia Campbell


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I'm not vegan. I'm not religious. I enjoy delicious wine. Love dancing. Am a very happy person, but still sometimes get sad.

What I want to say with this: I'm an average female human being. My yoga courses are therefore neither dogmatic nor religious. I offer yoga for everyone, not just for size-34-maybe-36-women in a room which is way too full for you to be able to see the teacher. My courses are capped at 5-8 people (indoors vs. outdoors), because I believe in small courses. I want to be able to assist you, see you, correct you. I want you to be challenged, whether you're a beginner yogi or have been doing this for years. That, as a yoga teacher, is my job.

Is there 3x OM at the beginning and end of my classes? Hells yes. There's nothing better. Does that mean you HAVE to sing along? Nope. Your only job is to show up - the rest will come. Even you can do yoga. Promise.

*Courses are in German/English, as necessary :)


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