Mandar Marathe

Mumbai Maharashtra

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Born in 1971, in a deeply Yoga and music loving family, Mandar Marathe has in recent years shown immense promise as one of the most disciplined and dedicated Yoga Trainers. He is an initiated disciple of his Guru (Master), the Great Himalayan Kriya Yogi - His Holiness Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda. (One may have read a reference of Kriya Yoga in “Autobiography of Yogi”) Mandar has been learning and practicing Kriya Yoga for more than eight years under the strict guidance of his Guru (Master).

Mandar is a teacher of a complete Yogic health course designed by his Master which is popularly known as Healthy Body Divine Soul. This is based on principles of Kriya Yoga. It is a versatile and scientifically driven curriculum which can be practiced by all. This comprises of

Aasans(Postures), for removing blocks and toning the body.
Pranayams (Breathing Techniques), for removing blocks by enhancing oxygen supply within the body, for increasing vitality.
Dhyan (Meditation), for increasing concentration and distressing self.
Mudras for preventing and curing certain ailments.
Healing techniques and
Diet Tips
Mandar currently conducts regular Yoga-Sessions at Borivali in Mumbai.
He is a faculty of Yoga at “Saregamapadhanisa” Academy ( Amul-Voice Of India) wherein the primary emphasis is on achieving voice quality as well as physical and mental fitness through Yoga.
Mandar periodically conducts Yoga Sessions at Frankfurt, Germany.
He conducted Yoga Session at LA, USA.
Mandar has conducted Yoga-Sessions at ITC Grand Central, Parel.
Mandar worked as a visiting faculty of Yoga for school children at Dr. Pillai International School in Mumbai.
Mandar has over 14 years of experience in handling Pharmaceutical and Dietary-Food supplements. He is a nutritional advisor at the above places.
Mandar is also known as one of the most talented Sitarists ( Indian Classical Music) of his generation. He received his formal guidance from Pandit Nayan Ghosh. Mandar has performed sitar on several platforms within India and abroad. He is felicitated with awards and scholarships.
A fact worth noting is that Mandar Marathe holds an envious academic background of a Bachelor’s degree in Physics with Electronics and an MBA in Marketing Management.

Tel: +91-22-28015125
Mb: +91-9892291664