Mandi Kulbacki

Manchester, NH
United States

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Mandi is primarily trained in Ashtanga yoga but likes to mix it up and have fun! She teaches fun things like black light yoga (glowga) classes, as well as traditional and other non-traditional flow classes.

She has been hula hooping and performing for 3 years. She loves to teach it to others and incorporate it into her yoga classes from time to time to add a fun, new element.

Mandi holds a Master's degree in mental health with concentrations in expressive art and movement therapy. She also works with transition age youth and adults on the autism spectrum and has been specially trained to use yoga to help with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma. She leads both group and private yoga therapy sessions.

Expect her to keep classes fun while incorporating empowering statements to help overcome self-doubt, stress reducing breath work, and mindfulness techniques.


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