Mandi Yogi

Arambol Goa

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I was born on 1st January 1983 in Austria, and have worked as a systems engineer for 12 years after finishing school. In my early 20s I discovered Yoga and Meditation and realized that I want to develop and continue my Yoga practice & Yoga lifestyle. In 2009 I started travelling and went to South East asia to get get a deeper understanding of yoga and meditation. I spent time in different Buddhist meditation ashrams in Thailand and India, practiced many dynamic meditations at Osho centers, and learnt as much as I could from Yoga ashrams and teachers all around India, always looking for improvement and the best teachers I could find. I spent 1 month in the Shivananda Yoga Ashram in Neardam, South India, intensively learning the Shivananda style of yoga. Following, I have spent the last 3 years in India practicing with the 5-times world Yoga champion Chetan Mahesh and practicing intensive Iyengar-style Yoga with Usha Devi in Rishikesh, learning a lot about the art of Yoga and its different styles. In 2011, I completed my first 200-hour teacher training program with AYM Yoga School (RYS 200), and in 2014 my 500-hour training program, also at AYM Yoga School (RYS 500), both teacher trainings in Rishikesh. I believe in yoga as an instrument of a healthy life-style and an art to balance and yoke the body and the mind. I have a focus on Asana allignment and meditation, and practice different forms of modern Yoga styles. My goal is to help people attain a happy and healthy life. Currently I teach at Blue Pyramid Yoga & Meditation Centre in Arambol, Goa |

ॐ नमः शिवाय


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