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I was born in Paris, my mother is French and my father from Benin, West Africa. I left home at the age of 17, with nothing but myself and moved to London, England.

In 2000 after a redundancy, which was a blessing under disguise, I had to re-invent myself and trained as a therapeutic counselor, personal development facilitator, kundalini yoga teacher and started to help and teach people in various settings, from women’s refuge, community centers, prisons, youth projects, festivals and through Sinequanon.

Sinequanon, a consultancy for the self, offering solutions, management, marketing and PR for the self.

In 2005, I completed level II of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, the most complete Humanology course {Mind & Meditation, Conscious Communication, Life Cycles & Lifestyles, Stress & Vitality, and my favorite Authentic Relationships}, having graduated from level I in 2001 with the Karam Kriya School, under the guidance of Shiv Charan Singh, with whom I also followed a transformative three-year Karam Kriya Numerology Consultancy Training.

During that time, I also trained as a Conscious Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Doula and Children Yoga Teacher.

My dream was always to live in a warmer and sunnier climate and have a special place where people could come to rest and reset themselves and get what they need in order to create their own reality and find their happy.

Since 2008, I have lived in beautiful Portland Jamaica where I created Oneness Wellness Farm and have been welcoming many to enjoy life changing yoga holidays, transformational retreats and healthy living in our peaceful surroundings.


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