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Mangesh Trivedi is the Founder and Managing Director of Vedic Power Yoga He has been practicing yoga and meditation since 10 years in the traditions of Power Yoga. He is a Personal Yoga Trainer of Mr. Pankaj Munjal Managing Director Hero Motors and Mr. Rajan Jain president Culture mitra foundation , . He did in Human Consciousness & Yogic Sciences from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar. Mangesh has a specilization in Breathing Techniques, Meditation & Prayer for infinite creativity, Abundant Dynamism with a calm and Serene Composure, science on making achievers with Ideal Thought process, Attitudinal Nature & Behavioral is a yoga expert who regularly conducts Yoga sessions in New Delhi at OZONE (largest fitness group in India), He has 10 years of experience at personal and professional level in the field of Yoga. He has organized workshops for a number of corporate organizations in India. He has also organized workshops on Stress Management, Meditation as Medicine, Power Yoga for weight reduction, Pre natal and Post natal Yoga, Kid’s Yoga etc. Additionally Mangesh has been interviewed by shakti tv ,Pragya TV Voice of India news TV Channel.
The VEDIC POWER YOGA present workshops on stress management, for corporate and for schools, workshops on weight reduction, meditation as medicine ,pre natal and post natal yoga ,kids yoga etc. based on scientific principal

Mangesh Trivedi learned Yoga privately & professionally from different parts of the India. He spent most of his time in Himalaya under the supervision of his Guru DR., RAJESH RAJ JI . There he studied very hard to get deep knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, Anatomy & Ayurveda. He has got family background in Bhakti & Asthanga Yoga. He started doing Yoga & Meditation when he was just 12 years Mangesh has been spreading the magic of yoga throughout the INDIA for almost 10years now. , Mangesh earned a degree in Biology and Chemistry (BSc) and did in Human Consciousness & Yogic Sciences from from DEV SANSKIRTI VISHWAVIDYALAYA Hardwar.


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