Manon Simonis


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“Mijn lessen kenmerken zich door een individuele benadering, waarbij persoonlijke aandacht, een kalme geest en verdieping in de houdingen leidend zijn. Ik maak mensen graag enthousiast en biedt hen de vrijheid, balans en kracht om bewust sturing te geven aan hun leven met geduld, liefde en discipline!".

Manon runt sinds 2006 Yogaplace Sittard, sinds oktober 2010 Yogaplace Maastricht, sinds 2013 Yogaplace Urmond en sinds 2018 Cens by Yogaplace. Ze is een toegewijde beoefenaar en docent van de traditionele Ashtanga Yoga (1th & 2nd series) en een Yoga Alliance gecertificeerde docente E-RYT 500. Manon heeft de afgelopen 14 jaren diverse studies gevolgd bij ervaren docenten over de hele wereld, waaronder Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Lino Miele, Nancy Gilgoff, Brian Cooper, David Williams, David Swenson, Radha and Pierre, Petri Raisanen, Richard Freeman, Paul Dallaghan, Ron Reid, Rolf Naujokat, Clayton Horton, Kristina Karitinos-Ireland. Tevens runt ze de afdeling Training & Education waaronder de gecertificeerde Yoga Alliance 'Intensieve Yoga Training' en vele interessante specialisatie modules en vervolgstudies (therapeutic adjustments, Traumahealing, personal yoga trainer, breathwork etc) worden aangeboden en doceert ze regelmatig tijdens internationele Yoga retreats and Detox vakanties. Haar verdere interesse en verdieping ligt in Yogatherapie en Ayurveda. Manon gelooft sterk in de voordelen van een individuele benadering. Door haar achtergrond als sociaal pedagogisch hulpverlener, beschikt Manon over kwaliteiten die ze toepast in de door haar speciaal ontwikkelde Yogatherapie. Haar grenzeloze passie voor Yoga zorgt ervoor dat ze haar kennis continue verder uitbreidt, ervaring opdoet en nieuwe inzichten blijft verwerven. Naast initiator van Yogaplace is Manon vooral een inspiratiebron voor haar team en studenten.
Manon’s approach characterizes full individual attention with a calm and kind presence. With her subtle in-depth awareness she knows how to balance ‘effort and surrender’ in her teachings.
Through her wisdom and sharing’s she offers a complete experience were you feel carried and save along the way. Her strength lies in seeing beyond the bodily expressions with a gift of sensing unerringly the presence of a being on energetic level. She guides you along the way, holding the space for you during your practice with patience, love and discipline. With her direct but warm verbal teachings and gentle but firm touch she challenges you to go beyond the deeper understanding of the mind.

As Yoga school owner of in the South of Holland, were she devotedly teaches and supports her team, she also is involved as a teacher at the Astanga Teacher training in Eindhoven, regularly teaches national and international Yoga trainings, workshop, retreats and Yoga Detox holidays. Yoga therapy and Therapeutic adjustments has her a main interest.
Her path is spreading the Yoga life style with love and compassion into all levels of society, to special populations in extraordinary situations, from a person in need to group business environments.

Manon is a dedicated practitioner and registered E-500 Yoga Alliance teacher of the Astanga yoga tradition. The last 14 years of her Yoga path she studied for longer periods all over the world with her teachers. Her teachings have only grew into her own personal approach since a few years. Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Nancy Gilgoff, Paul Dallaghan, Lino Miele, Frans Moors, Petri Raisanen, Luke Jordan, Brian Cooper and Richard Freeman, teachers and some friends brought her to this deeper understanding opening doors to further spiritual growth. Also with her early background as a social pedagogical professional worker she is fully dedicated in helping others in one - one sessions were her experience and knowledge led to her personally developed Yoga therapy.

Her full dedication and passion finds its roots in personal health issues were Yoga has thought her to fully experience and accept all there is with kindness.
‘Every experience will colour your life, when you allow it to move through you, this unique subtle energy brings consciousness and healing. Allow it to be alive, so lightness and smiles fill your day’.


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