Manu Akash


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Akash is Indo-German and was brought up in both countries. He trained to be a musician from 7 years old to his late 20s in the ancient city of Varanasi in India. That was his first real step into the power of spirituality. He is a well-known musician specialising in Indian Classical music who left it all to become a yoga teacher after yoga returned him to true joy. Akash had long battled with the competitive world of musicians and had grown progressively frustrated with how the community related to each other. Nowadays he plays his music only for fun and as meditation.

Living in India, luckily Akash had the opportunity to meet different yogis and encounter many spiritual practices throughout his life. Those experiences, combined with his 6 month self-imposed time of retreat in the Himalayan mountains to deepen his yoga practices, were definitive to his path in deciding to share the teachings of yoga. He had previously spent time learning from different masters - chakra, aura and healing – but he only met his true, authentic self as a yoga teacher and trainer. Akash has also studied under renowned yogis, not only in Ashtanga Vinyasa but also Iyengar Yoga. His own students know well how energetic, enthusiastic and filled with joy he is and how he brings these qualities to his classes. A sincere practitioner and an inspiringly joyful teacher, he has previously shared his passion all over Europe, South America and Asia. His love and service in this world are his offerings of Yoga Alignment, Yoga Assisting Techniques and Ashtanga Vinyasa style. Happiness is truly his way of living & teaching, while connecting with people is his

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