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Namaste my journey for peace of mind started after being working for different corporates for 8 years, when i decided to choose the right path for me. There was always this thought in my mind who i am , why i am & where I am.

This is when Yoga came into my life, it was a very strong call i heard it coming from very deep inside walking on the Yogic path i witnessed & realized many brought me more closer to the self, the reality, awareness, consciousness, peace & bliss. Yoga is designed for vast & profound purpose,and for it to be truly called yoga. I love to travel so as last organisation i worked was a travel company job was to travel with the travelers as a Tour manager / Organiser . During my journey to different parts of the country i experienced, learned and found a very deep connection between real life & yoga. Later I continued my practice along with my journeys to experience it more at transformation level. After witnessing this beautiful connection between yoga & travel (Spirituality, Culture, heritage, people and much more) This is how Demystifying Yoga came in my life & yours. I hereby welcome you all with divinity, a wide open heart and soul, let us share the knowledge of Yoga and practice together. The tours & retreats i have designed are with my own experience in yoga & sole purpose is to serve & transforming `t worry you will be in safe hands during your travel in India as i will be your travel companion, friend & a Yoga teacher.

Are you ready for this ?

Join me Let`s transform our lives to the next level.

Bringing peace, purity & bliss.

Stay blessed all

See you soon either this life or the

Yogi Manu

Om Shanti .. ( Peace Peace )


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