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Manuela Marini Yoga


MMmmmm for Tasty Yoga full of love and light towards your own body.

This is what is important for Manuela Marini as a Yoga Teacher, to always feel the love inside of you & for yourself at first.

While turning the love you have for yourself into the practice you also spread the energy into the space and around you!

Let's sparkle this energy together.


Manuela Marini practices Kundalini, Hata and Vinyasa Asthanga Yoga since 4,5 years.

At first in Amsterdam at Unlimited Health, then by herself next to her cat, at the beach, next to the lake or in the blooming grass field of Switzerland.

Last january 2015 till February 2015 she spent 1,5 month in Koh Phanghan, Thailand and graduated as a certified Yoga Teacher by Lorraine Taylor Yoga.

Taught already woman from age 20-68 during her travels across the ocean and back.

Manuela Marini Yoga offers a mix of -

powerful female Ashtanga Yoga Classes to call the fire Kali Goddess in us


soft sensual luna Ashtanga Vinyasa Classes to love the beautiful Tara we are with tenderness.

Be in Love with yourself and do some Yoga with tasty spices.


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