María Victoria Diaz de la Guardia

Panamá Panamá

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Maria Victoria Diaz is a Panamanian yoguini, teacher, mother, writer, dancer, music lover, and free spirit. She is committed to finding beauty and cultivating creativity in everyday life.
She got certified as a Yoga Instructor at Its Yoga International with a 200+ Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training. Since then, her vision has been to share the practice and amazingness of yoga and healing arts. She is currently on her way to finishing her Psychology Major, and learning as much as she can taking classes, reading and through self-discovery.
Maria has been teaching and learning from her no. 1 students and teachers: herself and her son, and by guiding class for people from many countries. Today, she is the founder of Be Yoga Panama. She has a unique style and heartwarming personality and believes in the transforming power of love.


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