Mara Konstantinidi

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Mara was working as a sales manager at a big beauty salon company and she was living the metropolitan way of life with all the anxiety and fiscal targets oriented mentality when she decided enough was enough. Adventurous in heart and in spirit she took a 180 degrees change in her life and enrolled at a drama school. This is where she came in touch with her body, its kinesiology and discovered its potential through contemporary dance.
In an effort to enrich her knowledge on her body and explore its capabilities she came across Yoga right after completing the drama school.
Overwhelmed with the spiritual and physical aspect of Yoga she decided to travel to India and follow the Sivananda Teachers Training Course for Yoga where she graduated as a certified Yoga instructor. After the demanding course she travelled India’s mainland before returning to Athens, Greece and taking up Yoga teaching full time.
Her classes are dynamic with flow and emphasizing on breathing techniques. She delivers a challenging yet relaxing course that leaves you with a sense of fulfillment, harmony and full of energy.
Her wish is to widen her range of knowledge in this never ending Yoga journey and share it with others.
Furthermore she has initiated Yoga events that include Yoga Outdoors Classes, Partner Yoga and in collaboration with an Acrobatic silks performer she combined Yoga with Acrobatic Silks.
Mara currently teaches at several Studios in Athens, private classes and organizes Yoga events and retreats.


Average: 3.9 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Discover Mara's yoga retreat

No matter if you have started to practice yoga yesterday or ten years ago.
Mara is one of those rare yoga teachers that will bring your yoga practice to the next level and you'll feel that every minute is worth to learn and deeply enjoy any movement. Every place is lovely located. Mara's yoga retreat holidays is the best yoga retreat for best yoga holiday.

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εξαιρετικη εμπειρια !

εχω συμμετασχει σε δυο απο τα ταξιδια-γιογκα της μαρας σαμοθρακη και λιμνη κερκινης και το ολον ηταν αναπαντεχα πληρες διασκεδαστικο και ευκολο στο να ακολουθησεις εχοντας λιγη εμπειρια απο γιογκα .ομαδικο πνευμα μεταξυ αγνωστων κατι που η μαρα το εμπνεει σε ολους μας , προσεγμενη διαμονη σε υπεροχα καταλυμματα και πραγματικα ζεις κατι διαφορετικο !!


''γυμναζεις'' νου σωμα ψυχη ...φευγεις με ενα ωραιο μεγαλο χαμογελο και περιμενεις την επομενη φορα που θα σε βολεψει ωστε να το ξαναζησεις !!!! ευχαριστω μαρα :-)

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I joined Mara's island hopping yoga vacation in summer 2016. I extremely enjoyed practicing yoga next to the sea and at other breath taking locations. These times the sound of the waves wasn't just streamed from a record - it was real. Practicing Yoga with sea views, sunsets over the Aegean and surrounded by loving people created an unforgettable experience, I'll definitely remember.


Mara's classes are rather spiritual than sober and rather demonstrating than explaining. Nevertheless, she has been watching, correcting and helping her students throughout the practices.

The accommodations were clean and convenient, and the daily schedule offered facultative activities, such as hiking, swimming or Chora walks in addition to one yoga class a day. The retreat fully fulfilled my expectations according to how it was offered and described on

I would definitely join one of Mara's upcoming journeys or intensive yoga weekends again.

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Love, light and holidays :)

My friends and I got the chance to join the island hoping & yoga retreat of Mara for three days on the island of Sikinos. That chance came up very spontaneously (through a friend of Mara) and we really appreciated being able to join the group.


It was a pleasure to meet Mara and her husband - very friendly, open-minded and loving people. Although we did not join the entire retreat, we had fun hiking with them + doing three Yoga classes with Mara. I thought it might have been quite challenging for Mara to find the right level for all students as the yoga level of each student was very different. Nevertheless, I really liked the scenic locations (winery, platforms with sea view) and the Yoga lessons were adapted to the different levels of each student - there was room to go further if you were able too. She engaged people to work on the posture and was assisting to please everybody the same way. The entire island hopping meant to be a combination of holidays and yoga - well done. Love to you, dear Mara!

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Great experience !!!

Me and my boyfriend just had the opportunity to live a great experience with Mara at the yoga retreat, in 3 islands. This was our second time in a retreat with Mara and we really enjoyed! She is a great teacher , helpful and district where needed. Friendly and flexible, as an organizer. And really open heart and minded as o person ! I would absolutely recommend an experience like that if I am asked !

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I attended the Island Hopping- Yoga Retreat of Mara Konstantinidi in Sept. 2016 and have to say that the only really nice things about the whole retreat have been the locations the mostly additionally paid activities and the wonderful people I got to know during the week.


Mara's uninspired style of teaching seems to be a spontaneous combination of contemporary dance-, warm up- and stretching moves with long non-guided "meditation" sequences, two Pranayama exercises (which were exactly the same in every lesson), 2-3 (!) Shavasanas and a very small amount of further asanas.
There was not such a thing like what I'd rather call a Yoga lesson: a chain of diverse asanas eventually combined with meditation, pranayama, spiritual ideas/ impulses beneath the roof of a specific topic for the current lesson.

During the classes with the exception of 'Shavasana' and 'Triconasana' no posture was called with its proper name (neither in English nor in Sanskrit). Instead we had to cope with lengthy explanations of movements/ postures in deficient English so that we were only able to follow the lesson by watching and imitating the teacher.
The only breathing advices we got during the whole week were "breath normally"/ "breath slowly"/ "calm down your breath" whereas we haven't been encouraged to breath Ujai once!

Furthermore did the classes lack corrections, different options for different bodys and explanations of asanas and their meaning. Another problem was that there were no props like blocks available, which made the long sitting sequences unbearable for many of the participants.

Outside the classes no exchange of experiences (neither with yoga or with life in general) was initiated and no feedback concerning the yoga lessons or the organization was requested. The only important thing for Mara and her husband seemed to be the posing for as many nice instagram and Facebook pictures as possible to promote their business. (I thought yoga was about learning to put the ego aside?)

The health form we had to fill in was also not recognized. One participant e.g. suffered of gluten and lactose intolerance which in the end was not considered in the organization at all. So basically the participant paid for not suitable food and had to be driven to a village to buy gluten free bread additionally.

I cannot recommend this extremely overpriced vacation or Mara as a yoga teacher!

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Spirit, heart and smile !!!!

I was lucky to travel with Mara and a group of amazing students on her yoga retreat
in Samothraki this past june.
She organized a great trip in a lovely place, with yoga lessons for students, to challenge themselfs even further in their practice.
Beautiful - Creative - Playful - Enlightening - Loving - Sweet - Peaceful - Joyful - Challenging - Welcoming
These words only begin to describe Mara and her classes. She breathes so much love and light into her teachings - it is impossible to leave without a euphoric spirit and a smile!

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Focused on herself, lucking knowledge and open mind

I participated in 1 week island hoping yoga retreat with Mara, to sum up her classes are more of contemporary dance stretching than yoga, they lack in both asanas flow, explanation as well as spiritual guidance. No options to adjust to the participant level offered, very poor descriptions, no deeper meaning behind postures. No flexibility to adjust her practice even after receiving feedback from multiple participants and also no willingness to even listen to feedback.


Very self-centered individual who focuses solely on her own image and advertises it well via taking pictures and constant posts on social media. I really wish I could say something positive about her style, but I haven't found anything - except if you are looking for a commercial stretch and a pretty body in front of you. It makes me very sad to see such a lack of understanding of the essence of yoga practice when someone's ego takes over humility and self-awareness.

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Mara, a gentle soul, a peaceful guide

Mara, is a great yoga instructor, a teacher who truly cares for each individual student. She has a gentle voice guiding us through each yoga practice, a very calm and focused way of demonstrating every asana, making sure that the breath accompanies every movement of the body, making us aware of our body and soul.


After every practice, I would leave in a state of awareness, peace, inner balance and always with a big smile on my face, feeling proud of myself, of what I have achieved, all thanks to my wonderful teacher. Even though the practice is group-based, Mara makes sure her guidance is individualised, she knows our needs, our limits, and she sets new targets for each one of her students, expanding our mind/body horizons! She is an inspiration as a yoga teacher and as a person to me.