Marcello Real


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I've been practicing yoga and meditation almost daily since December 1999. I learned these things in Nepal and India (Rishikesh) for an intensive 4+ month yoga training, which included my personal practice of1 hour of meditation every morning. It was simply transformative and illuminating. We are much more powerful than we can imagine, and this is what I want to share in teaching yoga and meditation to others, in a simple and straightforward manner.
I also took an intensive month long Iyengar Yoga course in Rishikesh in 2000, as well as practiced Ashtanga yoga for 1+ year in 2002-3, and Vinyasa Flow yoga for almost 2 years from 2011-2013.
What connects these various yoga practices for me is that they cultivate a deeper consciousness when done with a meditative awareness and a focus on continuous proper diaphragmatic breathing.


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