Marcia LeBlanc

Toronto, ON

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In 2006, a young traveling student discovered yoga in Australia and has practiced and explored a variety of yoga disciplines ever since.

Marcia, a very curious, living to learn and active person found a favorite studio in Moksha Yoga Montreal. In 2011 the opportunity to fulfill one of her dreams presented itself and she completed her Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Fast forward to the following year, a very pregnant yoga instructor became a mom. As a lot of you can testify, a new parent becomes a student of life all over again and witnesses the world for the first time trough the eyes of their little one. Marcia's interest rekindled for sharing her practice, new insights and the discovery of kids yoga inspired her to complete a Children's Yoga Teacher Certification with Young Yoga Masters and launch YOGI FROGZ.

Marcia also has a from HEC Montreal.

Her mission is to open a children's yoga play center in downtown Toronto where little ones and their caregivers can drop-in and discover an engaging environment, connect with key family wellness providers and join a yoga class in a dedicated children's yoga studio.

This young yogi has a never ending imaginative mind and a loving heart.


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