Marcia Siegel

Carlsbad, CA
United States

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I have studied and assisted Amy Weintraub, founder and director of LifeForce Yoga and author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga for Therapists, No Mat Required.
I work with people who have chronic pain, anxiety and depression using Amy Weintraub's LifeForce Yoga in both private and class sessions. Private sessions allow me to prepare various yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama)integrated with visual imagery and sound (mantra)and I also incorporate acupressure points for pain. I also have been a high school teacher for 31 years so I give my private students a guide for their personal practice to lower their stress level, increase mood management and lower cortisol levels which overall raises the quality of life.

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Yoga for the Individual$8590 min   Book
series of 3 sessions$22590 min   Book

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Notes: At times I do privates at the clients homes after I have met with them The first session is at Yoga Viva-Encinitas


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