Marco Peralta


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I began practicing Yoga in 1996 as a way to know myself better and to see who I really am beyond all the social roles that everyone plays, and I´ve been teaching for nearly 13 years. I studied different styles of Yoga in Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom, Greece and India. In 2007 I recorded a CD of Yoganidrá – deep relaxation techniques of Yoga for people to practice these techniques at home when they don’t have access to a teacher.

My approach to yoga is essentially free and about self realization and Liberation, I teach all the techniques of yoga with a lot of emphasis on breathing. The most important thing for me is always the individual expression of the practitioner.

I think that all people can benefit from the ancient techniques of yoga as a way to improve their quality of life, and their health, while having greater peace, serenity and mental clarity, realizing also that they already are in essence what they always sought.

Yoga for me is the perception of reality just like it is, not as I would like or thought it should be, but as it really is, waking up from the dream of separation and to see that there is no separation between what I am and what apparently surrounds me. Yoga is Freedom!

I live in the countryside and I love being in the middle of nature, hiking, surfing, rock climbing and identify wild mushrooms. I have a vegetable garden where I practice agriculture as it was done traditionally.

Above all I like to live and I am grateful just for being alive right now regardless of what is happening in the present moment. I feel that I am, I am Life!


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