Mareille Outshoorn


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Mareille loves people and is a very accessible and easy to follow teacher. Known for her sunny personality, and her ability to clearly guide poses and share yogic insights are natural to her. Her inherent easy outlook on life make her classes joyful for all levels of students.

Mareille has been interested in movement and sports from an early age. After graduating from the Bachelor Sports and some years of teaching at primary and high schools, she decided to follow her dream and started her own yoga and massage business.
She followed her 200 hour vinyasa TT with David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner. In India she followed her 300 TT Hatha / Astangha. She also learned the magic practice of Yin yoga and Thai yoga massage, as perfect companions to her yoga practice and to master the skills to soften the body and slow down the mind in order to find inner peace.
Yoga was teaching her that the real freedom was something you could create yourself from within


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