Maren Emmerich


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My first encounter with yoga was through my mother as a teenager. About ten years later, when I had a stressful time working on my PhD thesis, I discovered the enormous benefits of a regular yoga practice which from then on have not only served me as a source for physical fitness but also for emotional balance and mental strength.

I soon became curious to learn how this ancient system of physical and mental techniques could become so powerful. In addition, the desire started to arise to pass this set of powerful techniques on to other people. For these reasons, I travelled to India to take part at a teacher training course in traditional hatha yoga in 2012. This served me as a good basis for an advanced teacher training in my preferred style of yoga which is vinyasa flow yoga. Since 2015, I am teaching a combination of traditional hatha yoga and dynamic vinyasa flow
yoga. She am always happy to invite others to the world of asanas, pranayama and meditation to create a basis for a peaceful and happy life.

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