Margaret Dane

United Kingdom

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Margaret Dane, CCht, Yoga Elder, IYN, REPS, Level 3, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and proficient in teaching relaxation and meditation techniques with 25+ years of international teaching experience.  She is Level 3 Advanced Instructor with the Registry of Exercise Professionals. Founder unique sytem of Yoga, SAY Yoga, Structurally Accurate Yoga, designed to use the body in efficient and injury free ways. She  has worked with a wide variety of people, ranging from total novices, children, mature students, office workers, post and pre-natal women, professional and Olympic athletes. Margaret has been teaching and studying yoga with the best internationally known mentors for over 30 years.  Her practice and teachers' training comes mainly from the Iyengar method,  but she has trained with many other styles and disciplines. She has taught all over the world to many different populations, teaching large groups in Universities and schools, fitness  center classes, hospitals, businesses, private clinics, and clients.  Margaret is a feature writer for  ‘Yoga Magazine'   and 'OM' magazine,  adviser to writers of golf publications, like ‘On Course'.  Her approach to teaching is geared to everyone, all abilities,  male or female, young or old, fit or unfit.  Margaret ’s easy and down-to-earth teaching style, is a fun and informative way for everyone practicing yoga.   Ultimately Yoga  is an ancient way to bring fitness, health and well being into the modern world.  It is  for the seasoned yoga enthusiast or a budding beginner.

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