Margherita Sabia

milano MI

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I got a traditional training as a yoga teacher in India, where I travel every year to deepen my knowledge and practice in different ashrams. Ayurveda and its connection with yoga are a major interest, I got trained in abhyanga massage. I'm also in buddhist meditation through frequent retreats. In Milano I give few yoga classes in a couple of locations or in the park during the good season, and I teach privately to individuals/couples/small groups of friends. I organize events and seminars of yoga also connected to other disciplines like ayurveda, mindfulness, tibetan bowls, Indian singing,... I'm open to experimental workshops and collaboration with other holistic professionals. Periodically I create and guide yoga vacations and eco-holistic journeys both in Italy and abroad, especially in India, all different proposals having in common a mindful perspective, experiencing moments of deep immersion in the nature and walking meditation.


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