Margot Porter

Bairnsdale VIC
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Curious and playful by nature, I was drawn initially to the graceful and dance like movements of yoga and loved the sense of strength and stretch I felt practising. After 19 years of practice, I keep coming back day after day, through easy and tough times to this powerful and profound practice for yoga still offers me the best way to ground, to open into the present moment, to be creative and reconnect to what is important: compassion, kindness, love, and perhaps the most challenging, the act of learning to let go - for nothing is permanent.
The practice has had such a huge impact in my own life I just wanted to share its treasures. I teach dynamic flowing yoga, yin, and restorative – a whole body, mind and spirit experience – with a focus on riding the soft wave of breath to bring you into the stillness and peace of meditation. Students are encouraged to honour their own level and work at their own pace cultivating acceptance, gratitude and contentment towards themselves. I run by own studio, teach regular classes, intensives and retreats as well as teaching mandala making workshops.


Average: 4.5 of 5 stars

15 Reviews

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