Maria Benalcazar

Punta Cana
Dominican Republic

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Mary Angie began her practice of Hatha Yoga in the year 2000, looking for an escape from his stressful life as an electronic engineer.
After a vacation to practice yoga at the Cambridge Iyengar Yoga Institute and she decided to apply a change in her life .
Together with her Yoga Teacher opened her first yoga studio in Panama City, Panama, and from there her life took an unexpected turn, full of adventurous and beautiful experiences.
She is a certified Hatha Yoga techer and Pilates Method for the Panama University.
In 2007 he traveled to Spain to take a course of therapy with dolphins, and a vacation of one month, became a 4 years, where he learned about dolphins, yoga, immigration, volunteer work and especially the value of the friendship.
She took course and Aquatic Lifeguard with the Spanish Red Cross and work as volunteer in programs of inmigrant integration with African war refugees, teaching Yoga and Swim. "It was one of the happiest and most special moments of my life," says Mari Angie.

In Canada she learn Air Yogalates method that combines techniques of yoga, pilates and aerial dances and became a certified instructor.

In Panama he founded "AIR YOGALATES PANAMA" and is a pioneer in this method in Latin America.

She is actualy living in Punta Cana, Republican Dominican where she teach Yoga and Air Yogalates at Ananada Yoga Studio in Punta Cana.


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