Maria Elena Baez-Dominguez

Hillsdale, NJ
United States

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I am a mama & grandmama, a yoga teacher, a veteran advocate. Yoga found me when I was at my lowest. My family was struck with a tragedy. My son, a United States Marine was shot by a sniper and left paralyzed for life. How to regroup and help my son regain love for life, became my new life purpose. Yoga taught me how to care for my body, mind and spirit. Yoga helped me to understand that I needed reframe my "Why" to, "What for" Our lives changed and our resilience challenged.
As a yoga teacher- I help my students connect with their bodies, listen to its stories, and acknowledge their feelings without judgement. Then I encourage them to create an intention that serves and engages them fully.
We practice yoga, chant, sing, and YOGA Dance. Together we learn how to grow in love with love itself.


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