Maria Fratus

Joppatowne, MD
United States
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About me? Well, I love to move. This passion started a long time ago. Probably during elementary school, in my living room, where I spent most nights dancing to Elvis records. I never stopped. I spent my teenage years in a dance studio, training for a competitive dance team, and then my college years on a football field as a Carolina Coquette, dancing with the University of South Carolina's marching band. Three decades later I still spend most of my time moving my body in a studio.
I discovered Yoga in the late 90s and realized that it was exactly what my mind and body needed. Yoga is a dance that nourishes and heals. Everyone, all ages and fitness levels, can benefit from Yoga, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing it with the world. My practice is powerful, focusing on strength and flow. Your body and mind will love it!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

7 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I have had Maria as a Yoga instructor for almost 20 years. She always explains what we are doing and usually gives options for different levels of practice.

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Maria Fratus is an amazing fitness instructor. She is very sweet and kind person. I love her reality and personality!

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Maria has been my primary yoga instructor for several years now. I attend her classes on average two times a week. I think that, in itself, is a testament to my high opinion of her. She is very professional, and always concerned that participants are breathing properly and their forms
correct and safe for each yoga position, e.g. knees don't go beyond toes.


Something about Maria makes me sweat - even without doing yoga. That red head is a spitfire. She is hot as a pistol, e.g. see photo. She's an awesome choreographer and dancer, and has more energy than most women 20 years younger. By the end of class my shirt is almost always soaking wet, and I know I have had a great workout.

My only reservation with giving this review is that, when other people find out how good she is, she will be in such demand that it will be harder and/or more expensive to get a class with her.

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Maria Fratus Yoga Instructor

Maria has been my Yoga Instructor for at least 15 years. She not only has a very soft calming voice to listen to, she is very experienced and also will give you optiomal posses. So your yoga experience with her, will feel like that session was customized just for you. She plays a mixture of todays music with cover tunes which is awesome! I know, once you go to a couple of her classes, you will love Maria as much as I do. Thank you, for being who you are. Brenda

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In the few classes I've taken, Maria uses her knowledge of yoga and the body with the understanding that not all have the spiritual understanding or need to know it. She keeps her method to the moves with flow, demo, constant easy commands, and visualization. She does mat visits and adjustments as necessary or to help toward a greater stretch or position. It's a pleasure to do sessions with her.

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She sure gets the job done!!

From gentle stretches, to crazy poses....something for everyone in each session. Her gentle, soothing voice relaxes even our busy minds.

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My favorite yoga instructor!

I've been taking Maria's classes for nearly 10 years. Every time I go, I feel like I'm growing. She is an inspiring teacher and cares about everyone in her classes. I highly recommend her!