Maria Letizia Cremona

Milan MI

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Founder of CoachingYoga® method and founder of Associazione freedomYoga knowledge sharer. From the union of the experience
as a life coach and yoga trainer 22 years ago came the Project CoachingYoga® method. Practicing Vipassana, Aurobindo meditation and Tonglen. Practising tao yoga, jhore, reiki, disha, theta and crystal healing as holistic operator. Practicing and teaching the 5 tibetans rites since 1996 and ayurvedic massage muryabhyangam in yoga therapy.
Blogger since 2007
Studing yoga science and using technology to allow people to better reach asanas no matter about age or health problems.
Yoga sessions in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Namaste, be happy :-) Thank U


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