Maria *miaeyoga* Larsson

Palma de Mallorca Baleares
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I am a passionate student and a certified Yoga Teacher (200 RYT, 120 hrs Yoga Therapeutics, more than 200hrs Anusara workshops, and many many hours of practice of Asana, mindfullness, pranayam and meditation). I am based in Mallorca, Spain and I have been teaching here, as well as in Sweden, Austria, and Central America during the last seven years. Currently I am studying Expansive Yoga Studies with Zaira Leal, diving into the new world of Sridaiva and the Bowspring, a system created by Desi Springer and John Friend. It is a transformative and amazing journey. I love to stay open as a student and teacher.

The path of Yoga to me is transformative, and my vision is to share and co-create this tradition, to elevate the individual and collective consciousness, to live a more fulfilled life. In other words, to serve in the path of transformation, towards a more conscious life, operating at more subtle levels.

In moments of despair, (physical or emotional) we realize the deep relationship between body, heart and mind. Who hasn't felt that a headache or chronical pain may derive from a heart- or mindrelated worry? Our culture still separates body and mind, and emotions are many times frowned upon. We are changing this vision, the world is getting more sensitive, and that is necessary to start acting with more awareness. Intuition, sensitivity, and desire, are fundamental engines for such a change. With the practice of Yoga and breath we are sincronizing these engines, we regulate the nervous- and glandular systems, and develop flexibility, strength, and body awareness. In this way, the practice gives us tools to relax, and understand ourseleves better, to change patterns (physical and mental) that don't serve us anymore. All for our wellbeing; for transformation and reconnection. This is for me the meaning of Yoga, and said in more common words: We practice to yoke spirit, mind and body and to understand this connection.

From a tantric perspective, there is no separation between the individual and the universal; we are each one of us waves of the same ocean, and the ocean is each one of the waves. Consequently, Yoga itself is not a practice only for the individual benefit; if you practice Yoga, you give back to your surroundings more awareness, harmony and happiness. Therefore, the Yoga tradition continues to evolve and is still a very complete practice, and in my eyes, fundamental in our times.
We practice Yoga to know, and to share that knowledge.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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