Maria Panno

Milwaukee, WI
United States

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As a practicing yogini and a certified yoga instructor, I wanted to do more in the community so that I could reach more yogis worldwide. I travel frequently and enjoy exploring new and different yoga studios, instructors, workshops, and trinkets.

Both living and teaching yoga has provided me purpose as it has given me a mental focus, internal peace, and a better connection to other beings. The benefits of the healthy lifestyle promoted by the yoga way of life are indescribable. I love that the yoga culture is such a huge community of individuals with similar values and beautiful spirits. Never have I met so many inspiring people that share the same dreams and desires. Knowing that there are other people out there that focus on internal happiness, a healthy lifestyle, and treasured time with family and friends alike makes me smile.

From all of this life experience I have developed a yoga-inspired product line that I've introduced to many yogis. It started off with a recycled greeting card line and then a healing stone jewelry line. My goal with the jewelry is to promote positive energies into the world with every piece that I design and create. By combining the use of natural elements with my own intentions and that of the creator, I look to them to work with the intentions of the wearer. It's not uncommon for people to think that physical things are not the true elements that heal; but rather it is the intention and focus of energy which heals or has an effect of the healing outcome.

Most recently I've developed a 100% beeswax candle line hand-poured locally in recycled wine bottles. Just in time for fall, I am launching an organic clothing line as well.

All of these things are part of my passion to live, breathe, and share my yoga-influenced lifestyle with others. As of late I've had multiple opportunities to work with wounded veterans and have started to introduce them to the yoga practice. This has been rather successful and we have future dates planned to help introduce new practitioners as well as those that have already begun.