Maria Papadontas

Black Rock VIC

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I love to teach but, above all, I am always a student.

Yoga, for me, is about the here and now; it’s about the breath and breathing into the heart. Within us, we have many aspects that hinder path progression and self fulfilment. Hence, I utilise yoga and its practices of meditation, breathing techniques, ethics, postures and devotional practices, to connect us with the heart, the core.

I am passionate about developing mindful, creative and spiritual classes that allow individuals to tap into the tools that connect with their own truth, whenever and wherever they are ready. Combining my extensive background as a social worker and counsellor, with the wisdom that my experiences have offered me throughout the years teaching yoga and meditation, I offer a different dimension to my classes, seminars, workshops and retreats. My classes are also influenced and inspired by informed, thoughtful educators and their teachings and philosophies. I am inspired by Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Restorative Therapeutics, Yin Yoga, Sound Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage.

In my teaching, I like to share yoga, meditation, sound therapy and massage in a way that allows individuals to engage their own creativity and inner wisdom to support their own health and healing. I believe in gratitude and nonviolence; both of which resonate within me, and I believe that by sharing this it allows individuals to experience abundance and acceptance in their own lives.

“Remember, the clear light, the pure clear light, from which everything in the Universe comes, to which everything in the Universe returns; the original nature of your Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it, it’s your own true nature, it is home” (The Tibetan Book of the Dead).


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