Maria Pillai

Chennai Tamil Nadu

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• Life Member of a Social Service Organization in Dubai, UAE - “Valley of Love”
• 7 years experience providing support to trauma and psychiatric patients at Rashid Hospital, Dubai.
• Actively involved in the repatriation of the homeless, sick and deceased from Dubai, UAE to their respective Home Countries.
• Provided support as a Social Worker at the Indian Consulate in Dubai, UAE.
• Regular practitioner of Yoga for the past several years.
• Spreads the benefits of yoga and teaches it as a tool for promoting health and wellness, preventive care and community building.
• Specialises in kids yoga, yoga for pregnant ladies, yoga for weight loss & corporate yoga.
• Helps students on their inner quest for self empowerment, personal growth, positive thinking and solutions for physical, mental and spiritual healing.
• Extensive experience with patients and the ability to develop relationships without becoming too emotionally involved.
• Experienced in handling young children and imparting knowledge in a practical and easy to understand manner.
• Very effective communication skills.(both written and spoken)
• Love and keen interest in people's care and well-being.
• Excellent ability to work independently and handle pressure.
• Mature and special ability to handle responsibility.


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