Maria S Andor


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For me the yogic path started after a half year stay in India. A seemingly random meeting with a local yogi planted a seed that eventually blossomed into Studio Mandala, inter-disciplinary yoga studio in Budapest where brings to me together the many different practices that have inspired me until today. After many years of various hatha and vinyasa krama yoga studies I eventually got into bodywork, starting with Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, and soon after that Traditional Thai yoga massage, which has become the main focus together with Yin yoga than Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practise and not just for fun some acro yoga.

I am co-teaches on thai massage retreats and practitioner yoga training courses, as well as running my own Intro Days and courses. maybe my fabulous yoga classes have become an essential part of retreats. Bring my infectious passion for all yogic disciplines and my caring and nurturing energy to trainings.


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